Éli Sokhn


Éli Sokhn is a music video and commercial director with an extensive background in post production and visual effects. His work has spanned across multiple mediums and platforms, ranging from scripted narratives, music videos, commercials, docu-series, 3D animation and branded content. In 2012 his short film “Green is Red”, debuted at the “Cannes Film Festival/Short Film Corner” propelling his career. In 2013 he created a music video for Austin Mahone that was nominated for a VMA for best lyric video. Éli then went on to direct a variety of music videos that have garnered over 1B views and many times reached #1 on YouTube and iTunes. Éli brings a unique approach to every project combining the elements of visual storytelling and global appeal.

Director Showreel - 2018

"Outta My Hair" - Logan Paul - [official music video]

"The Number Song" - Logan Paul - [official music video]

LOVE DAILY Official Trailer

SOUNDS LIKE YOUTH (short film)


“These Girls” - Why Don’t We - [official music video]

“8 Letters” - Why Don’t We - [official music video]

“Hooked” - Why Don't We - [official music video]

“Lambo” - EBEN - [official music video]