Ty Clancey


An international award-winning writer/director, Ty’s early credits include JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE and KING OF KONG: A FISTFUL OF QUARTERS before earning worldwide accolades with the comedy team “The Lost Nomads” featuring Josh Gad. Ty has directed award-winning launch campaigns for TBS, ABC, Discovery, FOX and stunning spots the NHL, CHEVROLET, INFINITY, BUFFALO WILD WINGS and the NCAA.

"The Feed is On!" - People of Earth - TBS

"John Cena" - Kids Choice Awards - Nick

"Oh Hello" - Critics' Choice Awards - A&E

“Island Life” - Wrecked - TBS

“Chris Paul” - Kids Choice Sports Awards - Nick

“Players” - Snoop Dogg and Method Man - TBS

“Formal Friday” - Made Man

“What’s Your Number?” - The Detour - TBS

“Jury Duty” - Discovery ID

“Host Audition” - SAG Awards - TBS

“Social Media” - Wrecked - TBS

“Holiday with the Parkers” - The Detour - TBS

“Jim vs. Jim” - Coaches vs Cancer - Infiniti

“Island Hacks” - Wrecked - TBS